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being a young intern

It’s already been like 10 months i started working as intern dentist at my med school. People often notice me as young just passed out med student.Personally I don’t have any problem with this but technically it might create a problem with the opportunity i get to learn and develop my dentistry skills. What i’ ve noticed is that people are reluctant to have their treatment done and usually want consultant for this. But this is not the case in the teaching hospitals. We have to learn and pratice our skills. Most of the patients are anxious as they lie on dental chair .On top of that getting tooth pulled out is already a scary moment for them. when they see a young practitioner like me standing by their side, anxiety might peak!!!  Sad but true ” all experienced were once the begginers”!!

Many of interns  and young practitioner might be facing these kind of situations. But no need to worry. These tips might be helpful to gain trust over your patients.

  1. listen to what they say. Dont make them feel like you are not interested to listentumblr_m87oshp5yA1rngcs0o1_500

  2. ask them about their previous dental visits if they had some kinds of hard time

  3. act very professionally. Be empathetic.

  4. some might not wanna go for their treatment. Let them know their problem very clearly and the importance to have right treatment done at right time.

  5. when you counsel the patients make sure you use the terms they understand . Minimal use of medical terms would help. Do not hesitate to use mother tongue if u are skilled to any. This makes a great comfort to the patients. u can easily gain trust as communication will go easy

  6. Do not try to persuade patients when they don’t wanna go for a particular treatment. Always respect what patient want. However you make sure the patient is informed about the consequences he or she might face.

  7. Always act confidently. Patients often easily scale your level of confidence. The more confident you are the more they might wanna trust you.

  8. If you do not have a dress code in your school, make sure you wear a neat formal dress. Remember appearance is what your patients notice first. Hot-sale-white-lab-coats-wholesale-for